Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the perfect Christmas gift | alabama newborn photographer

I photographed this little bug the week before Christmas. He was such a joy to photograph - seriously. Absolutely gorgeous (he definitely inherited his parents' good looks)!

He let us do just about anything with him, so I came away with so many fun shots! In fact, I had so much fun with this family that I conned them into a second day of shooting!! ;-)

No, seriously, it was very gloomy out the first day, so we ran out of light. Two days later we picked up where we left off.

And when I saw this one, my heart jumped!! I love, love, love the perspective here - Daddy's huge hands surrounding Baby C's tiny feet. Normally, I wouldn't capture an image in which baby's feet are at all hidden (at least not intentionally), but this one just grabbed me, so I grabbed back - and I'm glad I did!

Many thanks, R&G! I'll have your gallery ready soon.


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