Thursday, September 25, 2008

NILMDTS Annual Funds Drive

As some of you know, I am involved with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep ("NILMDTS"), a charitable organization that provides complimentary photography services to families experiencing the loss or anticipated loss of an unborn or newborn child. The photographs are a great source of comfort and healing for the families in the weeks and months following their overwhelming loss.

I have been commissioned for two such sessions in the past few months. On the one hand, I am very selfishly relieved that I have not had more. As the mother of 3 small children, I am absolutely shaken to the core every time I view the images or recall my time spent with the families - especially the little ones. On the other, though, I deeply believe NILMDTS provides an invaluable service. I am grateful for the opportunity to provide these sessions, and my dear husband (who produces a beautiful DVD presentation for the families) and I will continue our involvement as long as we are physically and emotionally able.

Below is information I received regarding NILMDTS's annual funds drive. Please take a minute to look it over. Also, if you are interested in learning more about NILMDTS, please visit

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With the Month of October being recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, The Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation holds its Annual Fund Drive for six weeks starting in mid-September and ending in October.

President Ronald Reagan enacted Proclamation 5890 in October of 1988 to recognize that each year, approximately a million pregnancies in the United States alone end in miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of a newborn child. Reagan stated, "A national observance offers us the opportunity to increase our understanding of the great tragedy involved in the deaths of unborn or newborn babies. It also enables us to consider how, as individuals and communities, we can meet the needs of bereaved parents and family members... " To read the full Proclamation signed by Reagan, CLICK HERE.

If you are in a place to make even a small contribution to NILMDTS, please know that doing so will continue to allow the organization to provide improved resources, training, communication, and other tools necessary in support of our amazing contingent of professional photographers who provide the gift of free remembrance portraiture to families in need. NILMDTS's next project is an online, interactive webinar version of our Formal NILMDTS Training taught by Co-Founder Sandy Puc', which will allow anyone in any country with access to a computer to complete the course online. Donations help make programs like this a reality!

Your Donations Support the Organization in Many Ways -

* By supporting the continued education of our volunteer photographers

* By allowing us to further our outreach to hospitals and hospices across the world

* By offsetting the costs associated with outreach efforts including Formal NILMDTS Traingin Seminars

* By supporting the Family Forum which creates a productive and supportive haven for healing

* By supporting the Photographers' Forum which provides a helpful environment for our member photographers to express their feelings and receive advice on the various issues that they face in this noble work

* By supporting the day to day operations of our Headquarters Offices

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is recognized as an IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization (Tax ID#77-0656322) and your donations are always entirely tax deductible. When you donate, you will receive a thank you card that serves as your receipt as well as an enclosed card you may to send to the family of whomever you made the donation in memory of.

With an average of 2-million hits per month on our web site, imagine if everyone contributed just $5 to the organization!

Your donation truly will make a significant difference in the continued success of NILMDTS.

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so through the secure website by clicking
here. NILMDTS is run 100% on donations and we truly could not provide the support necessary to the photographer volunteers without the kind generosity of donors like you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Babypalooza winners . . .

Congratulations to the three winners from Babypalooza:

1) Whitney Rogers;
2) Latoya Brooks; and
3) Stefanie Scott.

Each of the winners receives one FREE SESSION!! I have also e-mailed/snail-mailed each winner with all the info you need to take full advantage! CONGRATULATIONS!

For the rest of you, don't forget to check back from time to time. I plan to introduce some other fun things in the coming weeks!

til then . . .

Friday, September 19, 2008

Holiday cards are HERE!!

You can now find this year's holiday cards online! All wording and fonts are completely customizable!! As another fun bonus, EVERY card can either be designed with the more traditional red/green/brown color scheme or a hip blue/green/brown color scheme.

So click here to check out the designs . . . and then call me to schedule your session! ;-D



Gosh, I know it has been ages since I last posted! The whole site-going-down thing threw me completely out of whack! It was "only" down for 4 days, but it absolutely drove me crazy!!

Anyway, so last weekend we participated in Babypalooza - a baby expo held at Brookwood mall. Somehow it had flown under my radar until about 12 days before the event - TWELVE DAYS! There was so very much to do to get ready and so little time to do it, but we pulled it off for the most part.

So many fun families stopped by our booth. So many, in fact, that I ran out of business cards - and I had 450 (so for those of you who got a handwritten business card, please forgive me). To all of you who stopped by, thanks so much for the feedback - it was so great to hear that you love what we are doing!

As a lot of you know, I am giving complimentary photography sessions to 3 very lucky people who visited us at the expo. I will announce those winners Monday (the 22nd), so be sure to check back. I will also email (or "snail mail" those who didn't list an email address) the winners. How *fun* that is going to be!!!

til then . . .

Monday, September 1, 2008


For those of you who have checked my blog for the holiday cards you have noticed they're not yet up!! Since last Thursday I have had ongoing issues with my website and email, which I learned yesterday have been caused by a failing server with my hosting company. They are still working to get no telling how many sites back online (mine included), but this little snag has set me back a couple days.

Please feel free to shoot me an email at my alternate address ( - I'll be happy to email you when the designs are up!! Thanks so much for your patience!